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Shampoo Conditioning

Shampooing & Conditioning at The Beauty Lounge by Retro in Tampa

The Beauty Lounge offers a comprehensive number of services to meet most clients’ unique needs. When you visit our salon, we’ll provide you with one-on-one service and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Our goal is to help you look and feel your best. That’s why we often recommend specific treatments and products. We offer full shampooing and conditioning service in both of our Tampa locations.

Shampoo & Conditioning from your local Retro Salon in Tampa

Why Should You Get a Professional Shampoo and Condition?

Let’s face it. The shampoo and conditioning services offered at the salon are some of the best experiences you can have! A professional shampoo and conditioner are much different than what can happen at home. Though we recommend products to allow you to clean and condition your hair at home, we provide a more thorough, customized service in the salon.

A professional shampooing will provide a customized cleanse for your hair. We use products designed specifically for our clients’ needs. These products provide a thorough cleanse that’s much deeper and more thorough than what you can do at home. And, we also condition the hair properly. We use products, again, designed specifically for your hair’s unique needs. This can allow our team to see areas of concern and offer additional recommendations for you as we treat your hair.

Having your hair professionally shampooed and conditioned at least one time every few months is a must. It gives your stylist the ability to notice changes in your hair and to offer recommendations of products that can help with sun damage, heat damage, frizz, and other conditions you may be experiencing. Keep in mind that your hair’s needs change throughout the year as well based on the temperatures outdoors and your activities.

Customized Care at your Hair Salon

When you visit our hair salon for a cut or other treatment, we’ll usually provide a shampooing and conditioning treatment during your appointment. If you would like us to, please let your stylist know. This is a fantastic time to ask questions about your hair’s needs including for:

  • Frizzy hair
  • Damaged hair
  • Color-treated hair
  • Very curly hair
  • Permed hair

We may recommend a deep conditioning to help strengthen the hair or to provide a more nutrient-rich treatment to help encourage your hair to grow faster, thicker, and shinier. If you are coming in to see your stylist, be sure to let us know what your concerns are and any symptoms you have such as a dry scalp, breaking hair, or brittle hair. We’re happy to offer recommendations on treatments and care.

Schedule a Shampoo and Condition Appointment at Your Salon in Tampa

The Beauty Lounge Salon and Day Spa is available to you for your next professional shampoo and condition treatment. We’re your top-rated Tampa salon with the friendly staff you are looking for. Call The Beauty Lounge Salon and Day Spa at 813-475-6945 today!

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