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Treat Yourself to a Professional Manicure at our Tampa Salon

Before getting a fabulous hair style at our Tampa hair salon, why not pamper your hands with a beautiful manicure? Choose from a stylish variety of manicures offered by our aestheticians and take pride in showing off your stunning hands while enjoying a fun night on the town.


Different Types of Manicures

Standard Manicure

Regular manicures involve soaking hands in warm water containing soothing ingredients to soften and remove dead skin cells. Next, your Tampa manicurist will clean, clip and file your nails, then massage a salon-grade moisturizer into your hands. Finally, nails are buffed to perfection and covered with base, main and top coats of your preferred nail polish.

French Manicure

One of the most popular manicures offered at our Tampa hair salon is the French manicure, a classic, chic manicure that never goes out of style. Achieving a French manicure's unique look is accomplished by applying a translucent pale pink or white nail polish over the whole nail. Your manicurist then covers your nail tips with a snow-white nail polish. French manicures are a great way to enhance the appearance of your natural nails and complement casual, business and evening wear attire.

Custom Nail Art

Custom nail art means you can have your manicurist polish your nails any way you want them polished and include little designs of your choice if you wish. If you are interested in custom nail art, call our Tampa hair salon today to learn more about colors and designs available.

Gel/Shellac Manicure

When you want your manicure to look pristine for several weeks, consider a gel manicure using strong nail polish that won't chip or fade. Gel nail polish comes in different colors and is applied just like regular nail polish. After application of each base, main and top coat, your Tampa manicurist will place your nails under an ultraviolet light for about 25 to 30 seconds to completely "cure" or dry the gel.

Health Benefits of Manicures

Not only can you keep your hands looking young and attractive with a manicure but manicures also help maintain hand and nail health by cleaning and exfoliating dead skin. If you suffer from arthritis, having your hands professionally massaged during the moisturizing part of a manicure promotes blood flow to finger joints and eases achiness. Additionally, nail technicians are trained to notice signs of nail fungal infections and abnormal skin conditions many of us miss because we simply aren't knowledgeable in nail and skin health issues. Getting medical treatment as soon as possible for mild nail infections, brittle nails, cracked nails or pitted nails can help you avoid worsening of the condition and even more extensive treatment.

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