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Hair Treatment

Hair Treatment at Beauty Lounge Salon and Day Spa, Your Hair Salon in Tampa

When you visit Beauty Lounge Salon and Day Spa, you'll receive outstanding care and customized treatment. Our team works closely with you to learn what your goals are and then uses the proper hair treatment to create it. As a trusted and experienced hair salon in Tampa, we have the resources and tools to help you with even the most complex of hair problems. If your hair is damaged or in need of a special hair treatment, come in to see us in our Tampa hair salon.

Hair Treatment

Customized Color Treatments

Whether you are coloring your hair for the first time or you've colored it too many times, the hair stylists at The Beauty Lounge Salon and Day Spa is here to help you. We can help cover up your roots or help you with a brand-new color. We offer options ranging from highlights to enhancers, toners, and lowlights. Which is right for you? If you are not sure, we're happy to help you make the right decisions.

Perms and Relaxers

For those who want permed hair or those who want to ditch the curls, we offer the solutions right for your needs. Come in for a permanent hair treatment, which can help to curl your hair just to the style and look you want. We also offer a variety of relaxers. For those who want straighter hair and who already have very tight curls, this hair treatment works well.

Damaged Hair Treatments

Many of our clients come in with damaged hair. If your hair is breaking, brittle, or full of split ends, we can help you. In this situation, we will recommend the right type of treatment based on the cause of the damage. For some situations, it is over coloring or over processing of your hair, such as too many perms in a short period of time or coloring your hair too many times. Another common cause is heat exposure. If you use heat to style your hair frequently, this can cause significant damage.

Our goal here is to restore the health of your hair. We can do this with the application of a deep conditioning treatment. This process works to strengthen your hair. It can restore the damage to your hair from the roots up. We may recommend this treatment to you if your hair is excessively damaged. Customized hair treatment is very important. We'll assess the quality of your hair first before we make the decision on what type of deep conditioning or other hair treatment is right for you.

Call Our Hair Salon in Tampa to Schedule Your Hair Treatment

We're here to help you have the best hair possible. When you visit our Tampa hair salon, you'll get one-on-one care and attention. Owner Ernesto Verdecia is dedicated to ensuring you have the best experience possible. Visit our Citrus Park Drive location by calling 813-475-6945 for an appointment.

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