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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Repairing moderately or severely damaged hair is impossible, no matter what kind of trendy, expensive shampoos and conditioners you use. If your hair has been subjected to frequent perms, dyes, chlorine or saltwater, you would have to cut off the damaged hair in the past--all of it--to regain the thickness, shine, and healthiness of your hair. Fortunately, your Tampa hair salon offers a variety of beautiful, natural-looking hair extensions that will not only add length but volume as well. With hair extensions, you can instantly transform a short haircut into a long, exquisite mane or turn limp, thin, "fly away" hair into thick, attractive tresses. Hair extensions can also be colored or highlighted according to your mood, even if your mood changes every day!

Hair Extensions

How are Hair Extensions Added?

Your hair salon stylist in Tampa uses hair weaving or keratin bonding to add hair extensions to your existing hair. Keratin-bonding involves attaching hair strands dipped in keratin to strands near their roots using a heated applicator. Although keratin bond hair extensions work great for all hair textures and types.

Another way to add hair extensions is by heat-free protein bonding, a process that allows hair extensions to remain in place for as long as eight or nine months. Heat-free protein bonding is performed by a hair salon stylist using an ultrasonic vibration device that softens rather than heats the bond between your hair and hair extension pieces.

Caring for Hair Extensions

Hair extensions need the same shampooing and conditioning your natural hair needs. Make sure your hair extensions are almost completely dry before styling or brushing to reduce any yanking or tugging forces produced by trying to work with wet hair. You can apply your favorite hair care products to your hair extension except for oils, which may compromise bonding or weaving techniques. Putting your hair and hair extensions in a loosely braided ponytail at bedtime can also prevent hair extensions from becoming tangled or matted.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

If you are interested in getting hair extensions at our Tampa hair salon, please call The Beauty Lounge at (813) 475-6945 to talk to a professional stylist or to schedule an appointment.

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