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Book Your Brazilian Blowout in Tampa

Book Your Brazilian Blowout in Tampa

Book Your Brazilian Blowout in Tampa

Here at Retro Salon Studios in Tampa, we bring together classic hair care and new trends in styling to make you feel beautiful inside and out. One of the most popular services at Retro Salon Studios and Beauty Lounge Full Day and Spa is the Brazilian Blowout.

women with brazilian blowout from Tampa Salon

Brazilian Blowout Explained By Your Tampa Stylist

A special type of blowout, the Brazilian blowout reduces curl without harming dry or damaged hair. We recommend this treatment for anyone with chemically processed, dry, or damaged hair. If your natural hair is highly curly, a Brazilian blowout will give you soft waves. If your hair is wavy, the blowout will straighten it. 

If you keep up with the aftercare, you'll enjoy great hair for up to 12 weeks after a Brazilian blowout. 

Getting a Brazilian Blowout in Tampa

During the blowout, our Tampa hair styling technician will wash your hair to remove any buildup and residue so your hair is prepared to take the blowout. After your hair is clean, we will apply chemical smoothing products, which naturally relax your curl. Once the solution is in your hair, we will blow it out using a hair dryer and bristle brush. We strive to get the hair as straight as possible so we take our time with this step. We'll even flatten your hair with a flat iron to get it super straight.

Finally, we apply the Brazilian blowout deep conditioner, which seals in the blowout and gives your hair a mega dose of nutrients. With a final blow dry and hair styling, your new look is complete! 

Pre & Post Styling Care for Brazilian Blowout

No special care is needed pre Brazilian blowout, even if you have dyed hair, Japanese straightened hair, or extensions. After the blowout, you can wash or style your hair right away. Apply the aftercare hair style products we recommend to prolong your blowout. 

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