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We Can Help You Treat Your Dry Hair

We Can Help You Treat Your Dry Hair

Our Tampa Salon Can Help you Treat Your Dry Hair

dry hair

We understand that dry hair can set off a rash of "bad hair days" for our Tampa clients. At Retro Salon Studios and our day spa, The Beauty Lounge, we focus on keeping your hair healthy and beautiful. Between heated styling tools, various hair products, frequent washings, and regular coloring treatments, your hair takes a beating each day. Our salon owner, Ernesto Verdecia, along with our team of stylists sympathizes with your struggle to keep your hair strong and lustrous, and we constantly search for new ways to help you solve the issue.

Try a Few Salon Tested Ways to Treat Dry Hair

We have several treatments that we use to improve the condition of your hair, but we first like to recommend that you try a few preventative measures on your own, including the following:

  • Avoid Washing Hair Daily. Many shampoos contain harsh ingredients, so if possible, try to wash your hair every other day. As an alternative, look for a dry shampoo.
  • Let Your Hair Dry Naturally. It may add some time to your preparation for the day, but healthy hair is worth the wait.

If you already see the signs of dry hair, such as tangles and damaged ends, we can help with one of our favorite day spa and salon treatments. Explore our menu of services to quench your dry hair:

  • Keratin Treatments. Protein-rich keratin hair treatments are made up of amino acids that restore strength and elasticity to your hair.
  • Deep Conditioning Treatments. Our stylists have access to high-quality conditioning treatments that help add and lock moisture into your hair.
  • Regular Hair Trims. Sometimes removing damaged and dead ends can instantly renew and revitalize dry hair that lacks life and good health.

We look forward to your next visit so we can discuss these treatment options and many others.

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