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Care for Dyed Hair

Care for Dyed Hair

Care for Dyed Hair in Tampa

Caring for dyed hair from Retro Salon Studios in Tampa

Dyed hair has a way of drying out and fading quickly. At Retro Salon Studios in Tampa, we help our clients take care of their dyed hair to ensure lasting color and a beautiful, healthy shine. If you dye your hair regularly, there are many ways to make the dye last.

  1. Wash hair with lukewarm water. Hot water is drying, especially for dyed hair. Hot water can also leach dye from the follicle, which causes the color to fade. Washing your hair in lukewarm water rather than hot water can help the dye last.
  2. Always, always, always use conditioner. Conditioner locks in moisture, which ultimately helps preserve hair color. Use conditioner every time you wash your hair, and occasionally at times when you haven't used shampoo.
  3. Use color-safe dry shampoo every other day. Washing with shampoo can dry out your hair more quickly, causing loss of hair color. Using color safe dry shampoo gives your hair that just-washed look without damaging your hair.
  4. Use hot oil treatment. Periodically apply hot oil treatment to your hair after washing, then wrap your hair in plastic to hold in moisture. Follow all manufacturer's instructions when using hot oil.
  5. Avoid use of heat on your hair. Drying your hair with hot air can be just as damaging as washing your hair with hot water. When drying your hair, use a low setting with little or no heat.
  6. Use the best quality shampoos. Good quality shampoo is designed to keep your hair healthy. Using a good shampoo formulated for dyed hair every time you wash will preserve your color.

Make An Appointment At Your Hair Salon in Tampa

As your hair salon in Tampa, we help our clients take care of their hair and maintain their color. Whether your hair is dyed or not, we offer great advice for people who care about having healthy, shiny hair. For an appointment, contact us today at 813-926-4488.

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