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Hair Coloring Myths

Hair Coloring Myths

Hair Coloring Myths in Tampa

Here at Retro Salon Studios and the Beauty Lounge by Retro in Tampa, we hear hair coloring myths all the time. Can I get my hair to look blonde if I apply fresh lemon juice and sit in the sun? This is a popular myth we hear at the hair salon as summer time rolls around. Find the answer to this myth, along with a couple of other hair coloring myths.

Hair Coloring Myths answered by Retro Salon Studios in Tampa

Can I Bleach My Hair With Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Liquid Bleach or the Sun? 

We do not advise using any of these methods to give your hair a sun-kissed look. The only technique we recommend is to visit your hair salon and let us apply professional hair coloring treatments. We use specialized coloring methods to give you a one-of-a-kind look. Our stylists are equally as skilled as providing touch-ups for your newly highlighted locks. 

Why Does My Hair Look Fabulous a Couple of Days After Hair Coloring, Only to Look Normal Again Afterward?

It is not possible for your hair to change back to its previous hair color unless you do something to it. When we complete a color treatment at our hair salon, we provide you with a total transformation. Rather than the color fading in a few days, what you are experiencing is simply adjusting to the new ‘do. 

Is It True That I Can’t Dye My Hair When I am Pregnant?

This is not true. In fact, the opposite is actually the truth. Ask your OB-GYN, midwife, or doctor and they will tell you there is no scientific proof that hair dye harms unborn babies. If you are concerned about the chemical smell making you nauseous, then it would be a good idea to wait until you progress to the next trimester. 

Visit Your Tampa Hair Salon

If you are interested in high-end hair color, let us assist you. We provide complete hair coloring services at Retro Salon Studios and the Beauty Lounge by Retro. Contact Retro Salon Studios at 813-926-4488 or The Beauty Lounge at 813-475-6945 to schedule your salon treatment for hair coloring in Tampa. 

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