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Balayage Color Treatment

Balayage Color Treatment

Balayage: A Natural Hair Color Look

The balayage hair color technique originated in France and creates soft, natural-looking highlights that are customized to look more modern than standard hair-coloring techniques. Applied in a freehand, painterly manner, balayage is personalized by your Retro Salon Studios stylist to suit your preference, hair length, texture and face shape.

Balayage Color Treatment

At our full-service Tampa hair salon, we create balayage color to give your hair a lovely, healthy glow that looks natural but with heightened gloss. Here are some of the advantages of balayage for our clients:

  • Variety: Allows you to use at least two different colors for a unique look you won't see (done the same way) on anyone else.
  • Vibrancy: Colors can be natural or more intense, depending upon your personality and lifestyle needs.
  • Versatility: Works for most hair lengths.
  • Turn heads like an A-Lister: Balayage color is seen on many red carpets these days, and it will look great on you too when created for you exclusively by the talented stylists at our hair salon in Tampa.
  • Try before you buy: If you’re thinking of going blonde, but are currently brunette—balayage will allow you to see (or "try on") both colors next to your face. As you live with the look, over time you can decide on your next hue.
  • Easy care: Besides looking terrific, the best part may be that balayage is low-maintenance and you could go a few months between color touch ups. 

Why Choose Retro Salon Studios for Your Balayage Color Treatment

At Retro Salon Studios, beauty is our calling. We’re dedicated to doing our best hair design work for every client. With high-quality products, the best training, outstanding creativity and years of experience, we can transform your hair and achieve the look you desire. If you are interested in balayage custom hair color, make an appointment with us at Retro Salon Studios at 813-926-4488 or The Beauty Lounge 813-475-6945 today. 

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