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Hair Extension Methods

Hair Extension Methods

Hair Extension Methods

Not everyone has the time to maintain a complex hairstyle or grow their hair as long as they would like. This is where hair extensions come in. Hair extensions are a temporary or semi-permanent way to have different hair than you do. Make it thicker, longer, or give yourself highlights with one of these hair extension methods at Retro Salon Studios in Tampa, FL.

Hair Extension

Strand-by-Strand Hair Extensions

Strand-by-strand hair extensions involve locks of 20-30 hairs that are pre-bonded together and applied to your hair with a clip or glue. This method can take a lot of time, although this varies based on the experience of the stylist at the hair salon. This type of application can last up to six months, and because the strands are small and attached close to the scalp, they move fairly naturally.

Weft Methods of Hair Extension

A weft is a type of hair extension that involves flat, 2-4 inch long pieces of hair that are placed on the scalp in rows rather than strands. This method uses tape, glue, or sometimes the wefts are sewn in. Weft hair extensions can be less expensive and faster to apply than strand-by-strand options.

Clip-in and Flip-in Options

Clip-in hair extensions are placed using pressurized clips. These are truly temporary and intended to be taken out before bed every night. Clip-ins are a great way to see if hair extension is something you would like to pursue further, as well as for special occasions.

Micro-Link Skin Wefts

Some wefts are applied using clamps like those that are common in strand-by-strand methods. The silicone-lined beads that the stylist clamps shut around your hair protect it from the pressure but allow the weft to be secure and semi-permanent. This method is quick and does not use heat or glue.

Ready for a New Hairdo? Try Hair Extensions from Retro Salon Studios and The Beauty Lounge

Our hair salon is proud to offer a wide variety of hair extensions here in Tampa. We also offer a free consultation to clients who are interested in hair extensions and wondering which method might be best for them. Call us today at (813) 926-4488 to reach Retro Salon Studios, or (813) 475-6945 to reach The Beauty Lounge. Ask about our new client special and receive 20% off a single service!

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