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The Balayage Method of Hair Coloring in Tampa, FL

Beautiful hairstyle of young woman after dying hair and making highlights in hair salon

Balayage is a method of hair coloring that is used to create natural looking highlights that do not develop a noticeable root as the hair grows out. Balayage is a French word that means “to sweep” and is in reference to the manner in which the color is applied to the hair. Not only is this unique method of hair coloring popular among celebrities, but it is available at your local hair salon in Tampa. This technique is considered an artistic craft because it is a tedious, but effective process of creating highlights.

The Balayage Process

When hair coloring is done using the balayage process, highlights are hand painted on using a sweeping motion that moves from the base of your hair to the tip. The color is applied lighter at the base and heavier at the tip, which creates chunky highlights with a natural sun-bleached look. As your hair grows out, the roots are concealed for the first few months because of the thinner color applied at the base of your hair.

Suitable for Everyone

Balayage hair coloring is used by both women and men to create natural-looking, easy to maintain highlights. The balayage treatment isn’t just for blondes; it can be used for brunettes and redheads as well to create a multidimensional color. It is also a great solution for gray hair -- your colorist can specifically target the gray strands of hair without touching the scalp. It also works well on all hair types from straight and fine to curly.

Performing the balayage process requires a steady hand and a good eye, so it is important to have the treatment done by a hair stylist trained in the technique.  The highlights can be as subtle or as intense as you like. One of the best benefits of this technique is that it is less likely to result in orange or yellow-tinted highlights.

Looking for a hair salon near me in Tampa, FL?

Contact the Beauty Lounge Salon Day Spa at (813) 475-6945 to schedule an appointment for your balayage hair coloring.


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